How Much Does a 2013 Honda Civic Cost?

If you are looking at buying a new 2013 Honda Civic, one of the biggest questions you are likely to have is, “How much will it cost?” The price is one thing, but the actual cost all depends on the model you purchase, your driving habits and other factors. But for the sake of this exercise, let’s see what a  2013 Honda Civic LX Sedan with an automatic transmission, will cost to drive in Macon.

2013 Honda Civic LX

Typical costs that come into play with a vehicle are going to include price, fuel, insurance, maintenance and repairs. Other factors that affect cost include taxes, depreciation and financing. Your taxes will be subject to Georgia tax rates where you register the vehicle and your financing can be affected by many factors…In fact you may not have any financing costs at all. Depreciation really only comes into play if you one day sell the vehicle.

Bottom line, based on a few factors (15,000 miles per year a $3.23/gallon), you can generally estimate a 2013 Honda Civic will cost (fuel, insurance & maintenance) $4,300 per year in Macon Georgia. So how does that compare? That is pretty good! There are very few cars, unless you move to a smaller hatchback or micro sized vehicle, which will cost less than the 2013 Honda Civic.

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